VLP offers membership to regulated communication
and language professionals

VLP is committed to upholding quality in the language communication profession.
We therefore accept full and student members who are registered and regulated by NRCPD, RBSLI or SASLI.
We believe that this shows commitment to the Deaf community we serve.


Full and student membership entitles you to:

  • VLP e-group
  • Entry on the online directory
  • Professional Support
  • Access to CPD Offers
  • Access to the members’ area Forum
  • Membership card/photo identification card
  • Optional PII (from £28*)
  • Other benefits as well

Full membership including optional PII* is offered to communication and language professionals who are:

* Registered/Regulated Qualified British Sign Language Interpreters
* Registered/Regulated Lipspeakers (L3)
* Registered/Regulated Deafblind Interpreters (L3)
* Registered/Regulated Deaf Interpreters (NVQ6)
* Registered/Regulated British Sign Language Translators (NVQ6)
* VLP recognises NRCPD, RBSLI & SASLI as current regulators in the UK.
* Student membership including optional PII* is offered to those professionals who are Registered/Regulated Trainee British Sign Language Interpreters.
* Also optional PII* cover of £250k with additional PII/PLI amounts by request.

The VLP membership year runs from the 1st April to the following 31st March.

 There is no pro rata for mid-year membership.