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Become a VLP Volunteer


We are member-led


VLP is a member-led organisation run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our current committee works hard to meet the needs of the organisation, our members and the wider profession.

VLP members are encouraged to be part of the vital work we do and contribute in a number of ways small and large. We need support for a variety of activities including attending events, planning activities, attending meetings and representing VLP with a range of stakeholders.

If you are a member and looking to expand your professional experiences, try something new or follow a passion, then view the different ways you can get involved below and select an option to start your journey. 

Ways to get involved

As a Director

In a Meeting

As a volunteer


Becoming a volunteer with VLP in any capacity gives members opportunities to work on a range of ongoing VLP activities.


For example

  1. Conference & Event volunteers

  2. Attending meetings representing VLP

  3. Conducting research and questionnaires on behalf of VLP

  4. Communication and administration tasks to help with a range of admin duties

  5. Social media advocate - to help promote VLP on social media and alert us to upcoming events and other community activities


There are also many benefits to volunteering with VLP and the opportunities to expand your experience, contribute to our profession while following your passions are ongoing, so get involved now!


1.  Direct and indirect contribution to our profession

2. Organisational support to VLP or self-initiated projects that meet with VLP objectives

3. Activities that can be recorded for CPD

4. Represent VLP at key stakeholder meetings

5. Access to paid opportunities

6. Develop new skills, supported by the VLP Committee

7. Contribute to the ongoing needs of VLP members or the organisation

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