Intralingual Interpreters Eligible to Register with NRCPD

NRCPD announced that individuals wanting to train as Relay interpreters will now be able to register with NRCPD in the same as other language service professionals form the 31 March 2021. The new category title for relay interpreters will be RSLI (Relay-Intralingual)

NRCPD describe the role as ‘Relay/Intralingual Interpreters are Deaf professionals who work with Deaf people with specific or complex language needs, such as a learning disability, mental health condition, idiosyncratic or non-standardised sign language use, or limited language development. A Relay-Intralingual Interpreter will work intralingually within British Sign Language and broker communication between the hearing British Sign Language/English Interpreter and the Deaf client, in order to ensure that the Deaf client understands the message being communicated. They adapt what the hearing British Sign Language/English interpreter is signing, into a native variation of British Sign Language for the Deaf client, together with the Deaf client’s response for the hearing interpreter.’

This is great news for our colleagues and VLP is looking forward to welcoming the newly registered RSLI (Relay-Intralingual) members to our ranks.

As with other professionals registered with NRCPD, the new category of registrants will have to demonstrate that they have the following before being eligible to register:

· Have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance;

· Have a valid standard certificate from the Disclosure and barring Service or Access NI, or be a member of the PVG scheme;

· Agree to abide by NRCPD Code of Conduct;

· Meet our annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement (once they are fully qualified).

NRCPD are also planning on conducting a practice assessment later in 2021 for professionals wanting to be assessed as a Relay-Intralingual Interpreter whom may already be working as a translator but dates for this are yet to be announced.

We look forward to welcoming you to VLP!

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