The membership group, known as Visual Language Professionals (VLP), is a professional association which represents communication professionals whose working languages are English and British Sign Language (BSL).

VLP represents its members by promoting high standards, encouraging good practice and providing peer support and training.

The aims of the group are:

  • To promote and maintain high standards of sign language interpreting
  • To support other professionals working with the Deaf community
  • To encourage good communication practice
  • To provide information to interpreters and users of interpreting services
  • To provide peer group support and local and national networking opportunities
  • To recommend, provide and or signpost appropriate professional training and development to our membership
  • To help minimise the cost of training to our members
  • To work in collaboration with other organisations within the field to benefit the profession as a whole.
  • To provide Public Indemnity Insurance cover for appropriately qualified members working in a freelance capacity

Visual Language Professionals has been developed by a small group of qualified interpreters.

The original steering group were Alan Haythornthwaite, David Wycherley, Van Holtom, Melissa Barker-Simpson and Alexia Blohm-Pain

The current committee are:

  • Alan Haythornthwaite
  • David Wycherley
  • Karen Gillespie
  • Linda Ahmed
  • Sarah Jane Banks
  • Vikki Bridson-Vice
  • Rose Hart
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